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Women Design Network (WDN) was formed with a coterie of designers whose works stand on their own, but collectively offer women the basis for a core wardrobe that they can build upon and express their own personality. 
WDN has brought this group of designers together to showcase their talents, either individually or collectively, via Art Galleries, Trunk shows, either in stores or in homes, trade shows, and charitable events where a portion of sales are donated by the designers to the charity.
Founder Sara Cassis is delighted to work with this group of talented women.




With a background in philosophy and design, jewelry designer, Lucine Almas has created a unique collection referencing the protective and healing powers of ancient amulets, as well as the inherent meanings of Gemstones.

For Lucine, jewelry has historically never been just about body decoration. There has often been a deeper significance and purpose behind its usage, and it is her design to rediscover and celebrate these meanings through her collection. The collection’s hand-crafted pieces are for the most part, limited editions, and considered one of a kind. Lucine works with non-precious, semi-precious, and precious materials. Gold ranges from 18K to 24K.

Lucine is a native New Yorker who has lived and studied in Italy, France, and India. She takes great pleasure and pride in working with Indian craftsmen whose artisanship date back to Mughal times.

To view the full collection, visit www.lucinealmas.com.



Considered one of the most prestigious names in Italian shoe design, Andrea Carrano is the dream of La Dolce Vita against the reality of our everyday lives. Andrea Carrano has enveloped “Made in Italy” with hands of craftspeople weaving, sewing, cutting, and creating authentic pieces of clothes and accessories that connect us to them; to a legacy that has always been the very definition of luxury.

Andrea Carrano gives us access to this world through their iconic line of shoes which have been the chosen favorites of first the women of Rome, then the Hollywood royalty, followed by discerning women around the world who appreciate fashion, time honored styling and functionality.

A generational brand experience that is still relevant over fifty years since the first pair of Andrea Carrano shoes walked the Via Veneto. Each shoe is created and made with a modern woman in mind; as her life has changed so has Andrea Carrano.

Today, the women who wear Andrea Carrano may be dashing to the market in her “Baby” ballet flats, or entering a board meeting in a pair of “Jessica” pumps. For the long awaited weekend, she can’t wait to slip on her “Mocassino’s.” Where ever she goes, whatever she does, Andrea Carrano is her shoe of choice.

Visit andreacarrano.com for the full collection.



Classic elegance and subtle sophistication with a contemporary feel are elements that best define Rhonda Cole- New York’s white shirt collection. Designed with an emphasis on natural fabrics, fine craftsmanship and proudly made in New York City and Italy, they’re timeless in their beauty. These refined silhouettes reflect the lifestyles of today’s modern woman.

Devoted to producing luxury garments in limited quantities , these elegant garments are the epitome of slow fashion. Handcrafted in beautiful shades of white, they’re not to be perceived as pretentious or lacking edge but more as an awakening and a reflection of a by gone era. Established in 2013 in New York City, they’re available at rhondacole.com and exclusive trunk shows.


Lois Sherr Dubin “QueenBead”

Large beads of borosilicate (hard) glass are lamp-worked, blown, surface decorated and heat and gravity shaped. Small spacer beads of borosilicate and soda-line (soft) glass are lamp worked and surface decorated. No two beads are identical, all are handmade and one-of-a-kind. Both the necklaces and the single beads on an adjustable leather cord can be worn separately or layered in varied combinations.

The necklaces have been designed and assembled by Lois Sherr Dubin (QueenBead) of New York. A museum curator and author, Dubin has curated numerous exhibitions and written many books on adornment. Her lifelong love and research led to her best-selling The History of Beads: From 30,000 B.C. to the Present (Abrams, 1997; reissued in paperback in 2004 and reissued and updated November 2009 as The History of Beads: 100,000 to the Present).

This year Dubin introduced the QB line of beautiful jasper necklaces and bracelets. Due to the natural properties of the stone each piece is unique. Stones are cut and assembled into pieces that can be worn alone or layered.

To visit the full collection and learn more about this designer, visit www.loissherrdubin.com



For decades my medium of choice has been pastels, graphite and oils and then in 2015 I discovered the magic of flame working. I began by studying under masters of bead crafting and emerged with my own artistic flame to create unique beads of beauty. The creation of unique glass beads requires a meditative focus combining the components of glass, flame and rare metals. Each bead is one of a kind. I built a studio where I work in solitary meditation to create these special pieces of glass art to wear. I paint and craft each bead that becomes a piece of individual artistry. As I meditate and move with the torch, melted glass rods are transformed into molten palate to produce pieces of art combining color and texture. Each bead is an artistic achievement embodying a union of glass, color and a bit of my artistic soul.

I work with soda lime glass and incorporate gold and silver leaf to many of the beads. The reaction of precious metals in glass transforms the bead into a magical array of color and textures. Each bead is fully annealed for durability.

My beads have been used in necklaces created by Lois Dubin (“Queen Bead”), and have been sold at Koos and Company NYC and Long Ago and Far Away (Vermont). I also create original works on a by-commission basis.

I Live in New York City but spend most of my time in my studio set in the woodlands of the Delaware Gap on top of a mountain overlooking the Delaware River.

For more about Jillian’s work, visit jilliangordon.art



Yansi embraced fashion at an early age, learning to sew from her mother and inheriting her sense of style. The joy of thinking & visualizing something and the emotional importance of craft, the art of the process to bring it to life is her passion. Her entire career has been in the fashion industry, with a retail company, Paraphernalia for 9 years and then starting her own company & brand for 28 years. Dressing women in “confidence” has always been her calling, clothes that fit, matter and make you feel empowered. This was the basis of her namesake collection in dressing women for work and play, with the focus on her customer and her needs. Easy care, many items washable. Easy wear, fabrics that don’t wrinkle and travel well. Which brings us to her new concept: Tux Couture.

Tux Couture began as a custom request from clients who needed something formal - yet classically cool - in their closets. And after three years of careful design planning, Yansi Fugel is proud to introduce a couture line of tuxedos with impeccable menswear detailing...made expressly for women.



After a career of over 30 years on Wall Street, Karen Roberts turned to an industry that has long been of interest to her: Fashion. As a model with a high profile New York modeling agency in the early 1970s, Karen was fortunate to have had the opportunity to see and learn about many different aspects of the fashion business.

Fast forward to two years ago and frustrated with the inability to find simple and elegant dresses for herself, she decided to try her hand at designing and producing a wearable, simple dress with an iconic silhouette made from beautiful fabrics imported from around the world.

Simply elegant dresses, that’s how it all started. One style, an abundance of variations. An iconic silhouette of Classic American style. Simple. Chic. Elegant.

Sheath dresses beautifully crafted and sewn in New York City. Karen Robert’s produces the dresses in a multitude of fabrics, colors, patterns and textures. They continuously produce new dresses in frequent, small lot production runs so you will have many items to choose from for any occasion at any time of year.

Please visit karenrobertsnewyork.com for more.



Scarves and accessories created and transformed from kimonos and various vintage fabrics.

Limited Editions | Internationally Sourced | Handmade in New York

“It all started, I think, with the giant box of Crayola® crayons. I can still remember most of their names: raw umber, cornflower blue, burnt sienna…It was my favorite present as a child, and once in possession, I was smitten with color. Pattern came later when I discovered patchwork quilts in my twenties. Together these two elements have dominated my creative imagination for most of my life.

Although I briefly imagined a career as a commercial artist in Junior high school and majored in art history at Wellesley College, I ultimately made my career in book publishing, where I handled public relations for Random House for many years. When my children were almost grown, I discovered vintage kimonos on a trip to California and fell in love with their stunning patterns and often surprising color combinations. Piecing together multiple fabrics, I started making purses, vests, and scarves that combine five different kimono patterns with the occasional non-Japanese fabric incorporated for effect.”

For more about Carol and her pieces, visit carolschneiderdesigns.com